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Unscrupulous logging to satisfy the world’s insatiable hunger for timber is rapidly destroying primary forests. With this the depletion of plant and animal life is in an alarming situation globally. Unless immediate efforts are made to address this grave phenomenon, the effects of climate change and its consequences will remain irreversible.

In our efforts to help reduce overall carbon footprints and GHG emission, Indigo brings you EVERWOOD, an environmentally friendly product. Left over sawdust from wood processing units and recycled plastic are the primary components of EVERWOOD. Which means no trees are cut specifically and tons of plastics bottles and bags that would otherwise be dumped or burned in landfills releasing harmful gases, go into manufacturing EVERWOOD, a new generation material, WPC (Wood Plastic Composite). EVERWOOD is also completely recyclable.

Like many organisations world over, we will dedicate a lot of our existence to help reduce carbon footprints with consistent improvement in the quality of our composite and thus reduce the emission of GHG, contributing towards slowing climate change. Your choice of WPC over wood will make a big contribution too.


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